We believe in investing in the very latest in dental technology to give our patients the utmost in modern, pain free dental care.  For example all of our surgeries have the latest digital x-ray equipment.  When x-rays are taken, an image appears constantly on screen making diagnosis of a problem much quicker.  An additional  benefit for our patents is that the radiation dose is reduced significantly by approximately 76%.  Our surgeries also have intra-oral cameras, which allow patients to see inside their mouth instantly on screen.  This helps us to explain to our patients what treatment is required, and lets them see the results of treatment immediately after.  This takes away the mystery of dental treatment and helps patients understand more fully w3hat the dentis is doing inside their mouth.  Our dental chairs are amongst the latest designs on the market and are fitted with flat screen monitors.  These are used to display, digital x-rays, intra-oral images, or just to watch DVD’s during treatment. Other examples of our state of the art equipment include:

Air abrasion

This allows the removal of decay and prepares teeth without the need for drilling.

N.B only suitable for certain teeth/clinical conditions


 Invisible tooth straightening without braces using Invisalign 3D computer imaging technology.

Sonic Whitening

The very latest, fastest and most gentle method of tooth whitening. Up to 7 shades whiter in 20 minutes with no sensitivy.