At the Crescent Dental Clinic our goal is to provide the best and most comprehensive dental service possible. We are able to provide a full range of treatment from a simple check up to complex specialist treatments. All delivered in comfortable and calming surroundings, using the latest technology to ensure a relaxed and pleasant visit.

Our Team of Hospital Specialists

Specialists are dental surgeons, who in addition to their regular dental training have undertaken an additional five years of training in a particular field of dentistry and have worked in hospital as part of this study. On completion of this additional period of training, numerous examinations and an original research project. They may be allowed membership on to one of the UK

and /or European specialist registers. Our specialists are some of the most highly qualified dental surgeons in the world. In addition to providing care for patients of the Crescent Dental Clinic they also accept referrals from dentists throughout London. These dentists will send their own patients for specialist advice and treatment. Our specialists are clinical lecturers at teaching hospitals where they treat complex cases and are involved in the postgraduate education of other qualified dental surgeons. People with complicated dental problems, or those who desire the highest standards of clinical excellence should see a specialists.